Telepathy Extras

January 14, 2010

A few weeks ago, I got a cool Christmas present from work. It’s pretty sweet, and I’ve been writing some apps for it. I’ll try and blog about them here.

A while ago, I wrote some a number of account plugins for Maemo 5, so that other Telepathy connection managers could be used and well-integrated into the N900’s Contacts and Conversations User interface. This enables the following extra protocols:

There are still a few problems which I’ll try to iron out soon enough but they appear to be working pretty well. The best thing about it is clearly the integration with the rest of the phone, as demonstrated by Marco in the screenshot above.

The PR1.1 update, which is due today, also opens the door for enabling other protocols dynamically by providing libpurple plugins. I will be adding Facebook Chat support soon, and someone else has made a package for Twitter.

This is in extras-testing for you all to download and try out. You can find all the packages in the Network category of the Application manager. The Extra protocol plugins for Conversations and Contacts metapackage (telepathy-extras, in reality) pulls in all the cool account plugins and connection managers of the time. File bugs from the package link.

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